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High Volume Stormwater Treatment Structures


Nutrient Separating Baffle Box

Nutrient Separating Baffle Box® The 2nd generation Baffle Box removes sediment, foliage and litter with minimal head loss. 
It separates nutrients from stormwater and prevents bacterial build-up.  Available with Observation Cover for public outreach and stormwater education credit.

Nutrient Separating Baffle Box

SkimBoss Filtration System The Suntree SkimBoss Filtration System uses filtration media to remove phosphorus and nitrogen from stormwater without associated headloss.

Low Impact Development

Modular Wetlands

Modular Wetlands-Working in Harmony with Nature
Suntree's Modular Wetlands system is the industries first hybrid treatment system. It utilizes multi-stage treatment processes including the revolutionary filter media (BioMediaGREEN) for filtration followed by a 4th generation sub-surface flow wetland for biological remediation.

Individual Inlet Protection - For removal of Trash; Sediment & Contaminants

Grate Inlet Skimmer Box

Grate Inlet Skimmer BoxTM
Filters stormwater entering ditch bottom or grated inlets and grated curb inlets. Removes more than 80% of total suspended solids. Easy to install and service.

Curb inlet Basket

Filters stormwater entering curb inlets. For use in shallow catchbasins where the only access is through a manhole.

High Capacity Curb Inlet basket

Filters stormwater entering curb inlets. For use in deeper catchbasins where the only access is through a manhole.

Floc dosing Tray

For use during and post construction.   
Holds a standard size polyacrylamide applicator log.  Fits inside a catch basin below the grate.

Curb Inlet Protector

Curb Inlet Protector TM
Attaches to the outside face of curb inlets.  Prevents debris from entering the curb inlet.  
Improves the effectiveness of street sweeping programs.


Gr8-Protector TM
Temporary sediment protection for grated inlets. Helps construction sites to achieve NPDES compliance.  No need to remove the grate to install.

Grate Protector 2000

Grate Protector 2000 TM
Filters stormwater entering ditch bottom inlets. For erosion control during and after construction.  Self Cleaning.

Media -For removal of Oils; Nutrients; Phosphorus; Nitrogen


Bold and Gold TM  Filtration Media
Effective in the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from stormwater.  Developed by the University of Central Florida.

Absorption Boom

Storm Boom TM
Hydrocarbon absorption booms designed specifically for stormwater applications.  Absorbs oil on contact.   Available in a variety of absorpsion materials.

Other Products

Weir Guard

Filter for Overflow Control Structures, the Weir Guard is an  inexpensive, and adaptable product with minimal to no maintenance.  Self cleaning design.

Flume Filter

Flume Filter TM
Designed to fit in a drainage flume, captures foliage, sediment, litter, and hydrocarbons.  Unobtrusive design blends in with the landscape.

Golf Green Filter

For Golf course applications to filter contaminant runnoff.   Low profile design is unobtrusive and installs flush with the green.

Pipe Skimmer

Pipe Skimmers
Fiberglass Skimmers designed to fit over the end of a storm drain pipe to keep floatables out of the outflow.